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Road Scholar at CCCL

The Center for Cross Cultural Learning is hosting the first group of Road Scholar for 2017. During the two-week trip, the participants who are enrolled in, Melting pot of Cultures, ...

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SIT Multiculturalism and Human Rights Program at CCCL

The Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) is hosting Multiculturalism and Human Rights program for the spring semester 2017. The program will last from January 29th to May 13th. Lectures ...

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11th Semester of SIT MOJ

CCCL is hosting the 11th semester of SIT MOJ “Field Studies in Journalism and New Media”. A long term program based in Rabat that extends from January 29th to ...

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The Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (CCCL) is a private cultural institution founded and directed by Moroccan academics with many years of experience in cross-cultural education. Courses in Fus’ha (Standard Arabic) and Moroccan Arabic (Darija) are taught by professionals trained specifically to teach Arabic as a second language. The list of lecturers includes outstanding scholars in the areas of social science, humanities, literature, religion, and architecture as well as artists, journalists, NGO activists, artisans, and craftsmen.


A Song for Moroccan Community tolerance and Coexistence in the USA


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