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Regulations of the Center for Cross Cultural Learning*

* The following regulations are applied within the main center building as well as its annexes
  • Smoking is prohibited inside all CCCL  premises. Smokers may use the terraces only, please avoid smoking outside in the streets near the CCCL premises as there are no trash cans and neighbours have been complaining to us.
  • No food is allowed in the classrooms. You may use the cafeteria where you can buy drinks and some food. If you take your drink with you from the cafeteria to your classroom, make sure not to make a mess and to return the container to the cafeteria; no one should be doing it on your behalf.
  • No animals (pets) are allowed at any of CCCL premises.
  • No Bikes are allowed inside the CCCL buildings, find parking lots outside please.
  • No guests are allowed to attend classes or meals or use any of CCCL facilities without a written administrative permission nor is it possible for you - as participants at one of the CCCL programs- to invite anyone unless you ask for a signed administrative authorization. If you want to invite them for a meal you should inform the person who is in charge of your program at least one day before and you need to pay for your guest's meal when permission is given.
  • Even if you are a participant at a CCCL program, you are not allowed to attend any of the scheduled activities for other programs unless you have a written permission from the person in charge of your program.
  • The Offices and the Kitchen are limited to the CCCL staff only.
  • If you need anything from the office, please use the reception window. If you want to leave a message to anyone in the office, please ask the person at the front desk at any of the CCCL premises to help you.
  • The CCCL computers, phone, fax and Xerox machines are limited to office use only. Public phone booths (téléboutiques) are available and easy to find in the neighbourhood. If you receive a fax at the center, you will be asked to pay 3,00 Dhs per page, to be paid before you are handed the fax.
  • No Cell phone use is allowed in the classrooms or during any activity. If you are in communication outside the classrooms, please speak softly as you may disturb the others.
  • Please remember that others will be using CCCL spaces too. You are not allowed to stay at the Center outside working hours,1 unless you have a scheduled activity. CCCL does not provide its participants with rooms after class or for distraction. Therefore, you are asked to leave the rooms, as soon as the scheduled activity is over, be it a lecture, a group discussion, a language course, or an office hour. When you have a group dinner at the Center, you are asked to leave no more than a ½ hour after the last activity is over.
  • CCCL has a wireless system. If you want to take advantage of it, you have to check with the program coordinator and you are kindly asked to use either Lagza library and terrace or the CCCL Laalou cafeteria space and terrace for that. You are NOT allowed to use the classrooms and will be asked to leave the building after working hours, or if you disturb working people or classes going on.  Anyone working at CCCL has the right to ask you to leave the building for misbehaviour or disturbance.
  • Students are not allowed to move tape recorders or plugs from the classrooms or use any CCCL appliances or material unless with the permission of the program coordinator. If you want to watch a movie, you need to have your program coordinator's permission and YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INVITE OUTSIDERS TO WATCH IT WITH YOU.
  • Any unwanted non-professional relationship between a participant in CCCL programs and a staff member is to be reported to the administration, in order to take the necessary actions. The CCCL regulations are very strict in condemning any form of harassment from both parties. The guilty party will be dismissed from the Center immediately.
  • CCCL programs are open to participants of all ages and nationalities with an interest in cross-cultural learning. Participants are expected to be considerate and respectful of the host country's laws and customs. If you do not know ask to learn.
  • The CCCL is respectful to the applicable Moroccan regulations and laws. Therfore, ALCHOHOL AND DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED at CCCL and during any part of scheduled activity be it within the homestay or excursion. If you are caught using drugs, it is your sole responsibility before the Moroccan justice and CCCL will not assist you.
  • Up on the terraces of all three buildings of CCCL, please do not take photos of the neighbours' indoors, privacy is very important in Moroccan customs. Neighbours in the past have complained from some of our participants' behaviours such as kissing and hugging on the terraces in the neighbourhood, please be considerate of the local customs.
  • Playing sports or exercising is not allowed in any place within the premises of CCCL.
  • Remember that the CCCL is a historical building.  Please be respectful of the building's structure and take care of old windows, wood, and furniture.

Library :
Please do not check out a book without first consulting the Librarian or the staff person on duty. We have lost valuable items in the past, help us preserve our small collection by respecting Library rules:

  • Books should not be kept longer than 2 weeks to allow other participants to use them.
  • Please do not check out more than 2 books at a time. The size of our library would not allow it.
  • If you decide to take a book outside of the library room, you SHOULD CHECK IT OUT BY FILLING OUT THE CARD (end of book) and consulting the available employee at the library.
  • You can return books in the basket below the 'Returning Books' sign next to the Librarian's desk.
  • Certain books marked with a dot on the spine as well as SIT students' Independent Study Project are not to be checked out. They are IN-LIBRARY use only.




  • Payment is due before attending the first class. Students accepted in class only upon presenting receipt to the instructor.
  • Individual classes should be paid monthly and before class.
  • Classes are rescheduled only in case of teacher’s absence.
  • Class is cancelled and non-refundable if the student is 15 or more minutes late.
  • Course is cancelled in case of 2 consecutive unexcused absences without prior notice.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours in advance to cancel a class. Refunds cannot be made once the course starts. Cancelled classes, even with excused absences, will not be reimbursed.
  • All fees have to be paid before first class begins and are non-refundable
  • You may be asked for the CCCL student’s card, so please make sure you have it whenever you come to the CCCL.
  • Group classes (Non-term group classes) are available depending on the CCCL teacher’s availabilities but only for one month. It can be renewed or it can not.
  • After classes begin, if total enrollment drops to below 4 students for any reason, there may be a possibility for cancellation. (Most likely to occur with evening classes)



* Other people are also studying at the Center, you are not alone and CCCL is a shared space between its staff, its    
participants to various programs and its guest speakers.

* Do not disturb when other people are working, reading or having class, so please do not speak loudly, laugh or run
in the hallways or stairs.

* Do not throw anything on the floor and do not leave your trash behind.

* Try to be on time for the sessions in order not to disturb the others.

* Some people are taking care of CCCL and its annexes maintenance in order for us to find it in the best conditions
possible, therefore we ask you to not stay after working hours and not to expect to use the building when you do not
have a scheduled activity within your program or course.


***** CCCL working hours are from Monday to Friday

In Laalou main building:
From Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 6:30pm

In the annexes:
From Monday to Thursday:  8:30am - 6:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 12:30pm -  2:30 - 6:30 pm

For the comfort of everybody, and in order for us to work in a well organized institution and enjoy a friendly atmosphere within CCCL premises, please do respect these regulations.

Thank you for your collaboration.