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Welcome to the CCCL Library

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The library at the Center for Cross Cultural Learning is a valuable resource, growing and expanding thanks to private purchases as well as kind donations by former CCCL program participants. Available to all program participants, it serves as an academic facility, where participants can find information about nearly any domain of Moroccan life and culture, as well as a leisure resource, where participants can find international fiction and non-fiction to suit their personal interests.

The CCCL library is located in the basement of the Legza Annex with the exception of the literature section, which is situated on the first floor.


The CCCL library is comprised of different departments, many of which are helpful within the academic programs offered at the CCCL. Such themes include Religion, Gender, Culture, Research Methods, Politics, Language, English Literature, History, and Art.  Dictionaries and Guides are available as well.

Despite its small size, the CCCL Library includes many interesting titles such as:

“Jesus and the Muslim. An Exploration” by Kenneth Cragg (Religious Studies, 291.001),

“Memoires from the Women’s Prison” by Nawal El Saadawi (Gender Studies, 305.4.041),

“L’Economie de l’Afrique du Nord” by Rene Gallissot (Research Methods, 316.4.045),

“Islam and the Challenge of Democracy” by Khaled Abou el Fadl (Political Science, 320.074),

“Streetwise” by Mohamed Choukri (Arabic Literature, 892.76.113)

and many more.

Books at the CCCL library are either in Arabic, English, or French. Check out the Library’s Table of Content list to find out more!

Independent Study Projects

The CCCL library also contains an all-encompassing collection of Independent Study Projects (ISPs), researched and written by students of the School for International Training (SIT) study abroad programs which the CCCL has been hosting since 1992. The collection can be used to assist current SIT students in their research as well as to provide an insight into many fascinating topics of Moroccan life and culture. In order to assist in finding ISPs, two lists are available at the reception desk of the library: One list includes all the ISP titles categorized under general thematic topics; the second document contains all the ISP abstracts listed by book for further information.

General ISPs topics:

Culture, Economics, Education, Environment, Health, History, Immigration/Migration, Language, Law, Politics, Religion, Science


Two items can be checked out for up to two weeks at a time. The two week check-out period can be prolonged as long as no hold is placed on the item.

Inside each item, a check-out card can be found with information that needs to be filled out before check-out with your Name, Program, and Date Out. This card is dropped off in the check-out box by the entrance to the library. Returned items are placed in the Returned Books basket next to the check-out box.

For participants of the Language Department, an annual fee of 200 DH is required in order to use the library. 100 DH are returned upon completion of the program, given that none of the items were damaged and all were returned.

Some items may only be read in the library. These include books marked with a dot on the spine and Independent Study Projects.

Please do not check out books from the library without first consulting Rajae the librarian or the staff person on duty. We have lost valuable items in the past; please help us preserve our small collection by respecting the library rules.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian or staff member for help or more information.


Please visit the CCCL library –
Read, relax, and chat with the staff!