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Study and Service in Morocco

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*** Program Dates: May 29th - July 5th
*** Application Deadline: May 2nd
*** Program Cost: 24060.00 MAD / Student
*** Arabic: 60 hours
*** Community Service: 60 hrs
*** Eligibility: 18+
*** Preerquisites: None

This 5-weeks Summer Abroad Program in Morocco aims at introducing students and adults who are interested in learning about the Moroccan culture and the daily life of Moroccan people by understanding their history, their ethnic diversity, their religious belonging, their way of thinking through a homestay experience within a middle class family in Rabat-Sale region, take a 60-hours intensive Standard Arabic classes (MSA) and volunteer in an NGO by spending 20 hours in a community service placement.

The Arabic course adopts a multi-level methodology that integrates the skills of reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and conversation. These skills are reinforced at all levels and Arabic is the only teaching language used in class, except when it is necessary to facilitate the explanation of a grammar rule or lexical phrase to a beginner.

For an interactive and creative learning environment, and in order to enrich students' language experience and their ability to function in real life language situations as well as to assimilate everyday life issues and immerse in the host culture each course sets up Field Study Trips and Exercises (FSTE), a series of lectures, and experiential sessions in Arabic which reflect different aspects about life in Morocco.

Our Community Service program offers excellent opportunities for our students who can teach English, computer literacy and support women’s empowerment, work with children with special needs, coach in sports and work with the elderly.

Through our homestay placements, all students are placed in Moroccan households in the medina (17th Century old), where they get a first-hand experience of the local culture through a full immersion.

Cost includes Arabic classes, community service, homestay (full board), 3-days of orientation. Flight tickets, transfer to and from aiport, in-land transportation, insurance (mandatory for enrollment in this program) are not included.