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Cross-cultural teaching methodologies

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The DMLC strives to hone every student’s speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills through encouraging interaction with native speakers and assimilation into Moroccan life. Our language instructors are experienced, energetic, patient, and open-minded professionals who provide non-native Arabic speakers with a challenging yet inviting learning environment. Instructors all hold degrees in fields such as Arabic, Linguistics, English, Literature, and Law, and are consistently trained both nationally and internationally. We avoid using translation in the classroom, and instead incorporate repetition, images, textbooks, and interactive and constant dialogues to facilitate language acquisition. We also use field exercises that imitate daily life scenarios to provide students with practical vocabulary and build conversation skills. Class sizes are capped at 10 students to maximize student participation and interaction. Furthermore, since the CCCL is located in the heart of the Medina, students will have ample opportunities to converse with locals and use Arabic in their daily lives to expand their vocabularies and mastery of the language.