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Experienced Instructors

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trainingThe CCCL offers training three times a year for young Moroccans who would like to teach Arabic, especially to non-native speakers. The CCCL’s staff members share their experience with trainees through sessions on cultural diversity, cross-cultural education, and teaching methodologies aimed towards non-native speakers. All instructors at the CCCL undergo this rigorous 4 month-long training process, which includes shadowing, workshops, and simulations followed by staff and student evaluations. Furthermore, our staff members are keen on attending conferences and forums related to cross-cultural education either as trainees or trainers.

workshopThe CCCL organizes several workshops throughout the year on cross-cultural studies and language instruction for non-native speakers. For example, in April 2008, the Center held an “Arabic Language Teacher Training Workshop” for participants from Oman, Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco. The workshop was sponsored by the School for International Training [SIT] and organized for SIT’s Arab partners to discuss a unified course syllabus, teaching methodologies and materials, and the management of multi-level classrooms and cross-cultural communication.